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Home Care

Assisting you in your daily activities, in the comfort of your own home.

Custer Care makes it easier for you . . .

  . . . by scheduling your caregiver.
  . . . by paying your caregiver and taking care of the employee taxes and compensations.
  . . . by making sure that a caregiver is always available when you need one.

Custer Care can . . . 

  . . . help you plan and prepare your meals, a grocery list and even do the shopping for you.
  . . . arrange your medical appointments, escort you to the appointments, remind you to take your medications,

        escort you on walks, and provide a stable bathing environment.
  . . . pick up your prescriptions, drop off/pick up dry cleaning, or other errands.
  . . . help you around the house with laundry, cleaning, maintenance, organization, pet care, or other chores. 
  . . . provide you with companionship and conversation.
  . . . help you with your letter writing and correspondence. 
  . . . help you with your favorite craft or play your favorite card game or board game.

You can trust us with your home care needs . . .

  . . . your needs are matched with the appropriate skills and traits of the caregiver.
  . . . you are provided with professionally managed services.
  . . . your daily routines and needs are taken into consideration when scheduling your caregiver.
  . . . your caregiver will be fully trained, screened, and background checked.
  . . . you will be provided adequate staff to cover any emergency. 

Custer Care's home care services can be arranged for 1 to 2 hours a day to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for as long as you need us. We provide service in Custer County and surrounding counties. 

Our Guarantee - If you feel the caregiver is not right for you, we will make sure we get the right caregiver, and you are satisfied.

1020 South 2nd Avenue
Broken Bow, Nebraska  68822
(308) 872-6303