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Custer Care 

Fee Schedule

Clients needing limited assistance $3,000/month
Clients needing extra assistance  $3,500/month
Clients on Hospice $4,100/month

Care at client's own home for 1 to 24 hours $23.00/hour
Mileage to client's home that is over 10 miles round trip from Custer Care $.55/mile

Home Care:
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Temporary care for 1 to 14 day in private room
(includes all assisted living services) $135.00/day

One way trip in town $10.00
One way trip out-of-town  $10.00 + $1.32/mile

Shower $25.00
Shower & toenail trim $30.00
Shower & hair set $30.00 
Toenail trim $25.00
Shave  $ 6.00 
Catheter care
(emptying drainage bag) $ 6.00
Injections per physician order
(syringes provided by client) $10.00 
Blood sugar check  $10.00 
Blood pressure check  $ 2.00 
Set-up medications, weekly $15.00
Set-up and get medications from pharmacy, weekly $20.00

Clients needing limited assistance $  9.00/hour
Clients needing assistance of 2 for transfers or help eating  $11.00/hour
Clients needing constant supervision  $11.00/hour

Service includes: structured activities, noon meal & snacks, health monitoring and coordination of services

Transportation Services:

Adult Day Services:

Additional Services:

Service Includes: private bedroom, meal & snacks, personal care services,  scheduled activities and socialization, health maintenance activities, laundry services, medication assistance, housekeeping assistance, essential shopping, transportation to & from medical appointments (transportation fee not included in monthly assisted living fee)