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Family Support Group

Just a little time for yourself so you can rest, recharge, and remember
that there is life beyond caregiving" 

A Support Group Will:
* Provide a friendly atmosphere of understanding and support.
* Provide information through speakers or films on a variety of topics.
* Help you deal with the physical and emotional stress of care giving.
* Help you learn how to handle your responsibilities easier with the

   assistance of professionals and other caregivers.

Did You Know?

* Most caregivers are not trained for the job they do. They suddenly find

   themselves in care giving situations and do the best they can.
* You are a part of an important resource that is meeting the needs of a
   growing number of disabled people.
* Families provide nearly 80% of the care required by disabled adults.
* It is important that you care for yourself both physically and mentally.

Custer Care Family Support Group will help you meet these needs. 

Adult Day Care will be provided for your loved one if needed.

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